Perfumes : Creations # 62 17 46 1 and # 29 89 16 0
The Perfumes   The sense of smell, one of the greatest senses.
These perfumes enhance and accuentate the personal scent of the individual that wears it.
Combined it then developes into a new frarance with a deeper dimension,
where aura, mood and temper are the inspirational aspects of the perfume.
The personal scent may be influenced by emotional fluctuations and the cheministry of the body, which leads to selfcon-sciousness. This then changes the scent and aura, which leads to self-perception which corrects and effects further creative work.

The creation # 62 17 46 1 is a unisex perfume and # 29 89 16 0 is a female creation.
The symbolization from planets and elements lable the bottles.
The catalyst of an active creative process is the fragrance,
a fragrance as inspirational self reflection, bears the creator in ones self.

  Statement: As a citizen of this world with a reflective personality and the strong will to overcome my training and decent.
I will make no statement to my artistic past, because my creative spirit cannot wear the cloak of restriction.
I would like to prove that quality will be recognized as such regardless of the name or reputation of the creator.
I left what I thought to have mastered, and was allowed to discover what lies in the other sphere.
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